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Abortion Clinics In Atlanta online directory guarantees that the listings above are "actual" abortion clinics which provide abortion services in the location specified. They are NOT FAKE clinics that ONLY offer pregnancy testing and ultrasound. #FakeClinics 

Searching for "REAL" abortion clinics on the Internet can be confusing, as many anti-abortion "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" have websites that look like actual abortion clinics. They appear in major search engine results alongside actual abortion clinics. You may think you're walking into an abortion clinic to get an abortion, but they DO NOT OFFER abortion services at all.

These centers are often, even located near to a REAL abortion clinic. Be sure that if you want an abortion that you are going to an actual abortion clinic and NOT A FAKE "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" who will offer you misinformation and try to talk you out of having an abortion.

To learn more about "Crisis Pregnancy Centers", please go here: 6788142425

Report Confirms Crisis Pregnancy Centers Are Horrible

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Real abortion clinics in Atlanta offer abortion services like the Abortion Pill, commonly known as RU486, medical abortions, surgical abortions, and late abortion care. They also may offer Emergency Contraceptive (Plan B), birth control options and methods, plus annual gyn exams and general gyn servies. Call them for details about the abortion services, abortion fees, financial assistance, and whether or not your insurance will cover abortions.

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